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What’s New in Upcoming Music Albums?

Disclaimer: Kevin’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s.

If you think bands are moving slow nowadays, you’re actually kind of right. Muse has finished their tour supporting their recent 2012 album release The 2nd Law and have moved on to complete their 7th album. I have been checking the band’s twitter and Dominic Howard, the drummer, said he’s “raring to go onto the 7th album”. Muse has explained earlier this year that this album will go back to their old works in terms of sound. This is exciting since they went a few ways off with their recent album, but nonetheless it’s great.

Metallica is also working on a new album scheduled to be released later this year. James Hetfield talked with Loudwire in an interview and said their work will also have a bit of their old style. Man, many bands are going back to their roots. Pretty cool though.

Halestorm is currently working on their third album. The band has been posting snips of videos and picture through Instagram with days numbered. So far it’s around day 7. They got some pretty nice work done. They’ve been experimenting with a lot, and I heard they mixed in some soulfulness of gospel with rock. Interesting.

The internet has been giving signs that Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Soundgarden have works in production. Hope they turn out true.

System of a Down has yet to return from their hiatus, yet three of the four-piece band is ready. The three argued saying Serj Tankian, the lead singer, is postponing the working on the new album due to not being inspired yet. Serj, so far, is doing cool works with other artists in the meantime. However I do hope they get their stuff together and work out their differences.

The local band And You And I also have a new album in the works. This band played two songs in one of their shows recently that seem to be part of the new release. D-Note, a singer who’s good friends with the band, shall assist them and be part of the album in a song.

Minor Soul, another local New York band, have their new album Tiger coming out soon. They will also tour with AJR, yet another local band, who have somewhat recently released their Infinity EP.

Foo Fighters also have a new album coming out soon along with a show on HBO about how they traveled to the country’s musical cities. They gathered all kinds of genres to mix with their Foo style to create this new album.

Two bands I really want to see new albums from are Silversun Pickups and Bloc Party. They’ve been slacking lately, but maybe because they’re working so hard or they’re just relaxing. Besides, aren’t these the best music news you ever heard so far this year? I know I have.

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