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US Citizen Sentenced To 6 Years of Hard Labor in North Korea

Mathew Miller arrived in North  Korea April 10th as a tourist. However, as time went by he tried to stay in NorthKorea longer or past his time limit. As a result he was detained.

According to Miller his goal was to go to jail to view the current conditions in the North Korean prison(s). He wanted to see if the humanitarian rights were being enlisted to the people. He knew if he requested a check, the officers would make the prisons look better, and thus he aimed to go to jail under the charge of some felony to see the real situation.

Later on when he was captured, the investigators were slightly confused on whether his intention was to go observe the asylums in North Korea or to observe the prisons there. Nevertheless the Korean Supreme Court did not spend a lot of time trying to figure out Miller’s plans, and charged him with multiple crimes. One crime  was entering the country illegally. The other crime Miller was charged with was trying to commit espionage. As a result the Supreme Court charged him with 6 years in prison with labor.

Miller even was accused of giving false information on his connections with the US government. Now Miller’s case is being investigated. His neighbor stated how he went to Korea before to meet his brother who was posted there for military reasons. Thus when Miller arrived in North Korea he was considered a major suspect due to his past arrival and relations with the army/government.

Miller was not the only one to be convicted of such crimes in Korea. In several attempts before, many have gone to jail on similar charges. For instance Jeffrey Fowle was another recent tourist who is soon to be sentenced to jail for leaving a bible at a provincial club back in May.

As of now Miller is in jail.

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