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US and China Dispute Over Air Forces

In the US military, the air force has surveillance jets flying close to the territory of China. The goal of this surveillance is to ensure safety. However the US recognized one Chinese jet responding in an inappropriate way to a US reconnaissance plane. This in turn led to a small disagreement. According to the Chinese government their pilot did not act unprofessional, responding that they would continue to react to the US surveillance jets.

The Chinese government feels that their nation is still growing, and thus does not want any interference from the US. Also the officials stated how the US jets have been coming closer to the Chinese territory. As a result the Chinese officials request the flights are move back or ended completely.

On the other hand, the US authorities believe that the Chinese pilot acted unprofessionally. Also the US officials stated how on August 19 another pilot had flown very close to the US navy plane, recognized as the Poseidon. It was stated that the Chinese pilot was 9 meters close to the navy plane and did multiple barrel rolls.

As a result US and China have a small dispute about their air forces. This recent incident was stated to bring back other memories that occurred previously. One incident occurred in 2001 when a Chinese and US jet crashed into each other causing the death of the Chinese pilot, and an emergency landing by the US pilot. Many other events were remembered too, which is why the situation was given a lot of attention. Currently China continues to request the surveillance to end or at least move farther away. Though the US is not backing down because it feels that the surveillance is necessary.

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