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Ukraine Implements A Cease-Fire

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko declared the start of his anticipated cease-fire in the fight against separatists in the country’s pro-Russian east this Friday. Conditions in Ukraine have been unpredictable in recent times and given its past history, much change is needed.  The president stated that military units will respond only if tracked and heavily warned militant fighters to lay down their weapons once the cease-fire is lifted on June 27th.  He warned militant fighters of his new plan and urged them to cooperate and follow through with his orders.

Russia and Ukraine have been disputing since March. Upon the annexation of Crimea, violence and major problems causing tension between the two nations have risen. Recently, troops and separatists clashed Thursday nights in a gun battle further raising tension. Also, Russia’s cut-off of natural gas supplies to Ukraine adds even more tension to the building dispute.  As a result, Ukraine President, Petro Poroshenko announced his cease-fire and declared a full effect after the cease-fire is lifted on June 27th.

The United States called on the Russian government to cease its activities in eastern Ukraine as Poroshenko implements his cease-fire plan. The US also disputes the tension occurring between the two nations and acknowledges the wrongs on either behalf. US officials warned the Russian government of heavy sanctions to come if they do not cooperate and comply accordingly.

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