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The Struggling New York Knicks

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The Knicks have started out the season this year with a 4-10 record. People are comparing their record to their inability to master the triangle offense under first year head coach, Derek Fisher. The triangle offense promotes ball movement, as well as puts more of an emphasis on players to move around when they do not have the ball. The Knicks are one of the only teams that run this style of offense as other teams run more of a pick-and-roll type offense.

In some of their games, the Knicks looked very impressive running this style of offense but at other times, the Knicks looked lost on the court. This is not to say that they are taking bad shots but most of their problems was their inability to make wide open jumpers. A reason for this is due to the fact that Carmelo Anthony is the only legit scorer for the team. When the Knicks signed Melo, they had hopes that he, Amare Stoudemire, and J.R. Smith could be something like a “big 3.” The only problem is J.R. Smith is a head case and Stoudemire is not the same player from his playing days with the Phoenix Suns. This leaves Melo to be the only consistent scorer on the team which in the NBA today, is a team that will not win a championship with just one player.

Though, some positive points this season has been the play of Iman Shumpert, the fifth year man out of Georgia Tech. Shumpert has been known for his great defensive but has not been below average at best in the offensive department. This season, Shumpert has been averaging close to 15 points of game with a pair of 20 point games on the season.

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