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The Russell Westbrook Injury

With Durant’s injury occurring before the season even started, eyes were on Russell Westbrook to lead the team during Durant’s absence. This was all shattered after Westbrook fractured his hand in a 93-90 loss to the Clippers last Friday.

Westbrook was grabbing at his right hand in the middle of the 2nd quarter as he went to the locker room to get X- rays taken. He later returned to the bench at the third quarter but eventually went back into the locker room later on in the quarter.

Westbrook appeared to injure his hand while going up for a rebound, when he hit Kendrick Perkins’ elbow. Westbrook had a painful expression after the play as he looked down at his right hand to try to make a fist.

If Westbrook cannot play through this injury, this only smells bad news for the Oklahoma City Thunder as the team has no more legit scorers to really carry the team. The Thunder were projected to be one of the top seeds this season, but with the injuries suffered by Durant and Westbrook, the Thunder are at risk of not even making the playoffs.

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