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The Effects of Stress on our Bodies

Stress is something that is undefinable and abstract but is something that everyone goes through. It is a defining factor that we often tend to overlook and deny but subsequently adhere to. We often don’t realize the amount of stress we put our minds and bodies through because of outside factors and this overtime has a negative connotation to our mind and body as one.

We worry too much about bills and the rent along with stress from school and work and then when combined along with social and independent stress we do major harm to our bodies. Whether you’ve just had a rough day, or a rough week, it is important that we take time to cool down and replenish our tanks to keep going. This process of rejuvenating and restoring ourself has miraculous effects on our bodies. When compared to a person who constantly keeps going the one that takes the time to revive themselves have had both beneficial long and short-term effects. Long-term effects in terms of one’s body abilities to fight off diseases and sickness overtime and short-term effects in terms of bursts of energy and effective duration throughout one’s day. This is obtained through proper rest and care of one’s body in terms of nutrition and exercise as well as power naps throughout the day and proper sleep cycles.

Stress is something that has been long studied by scientists and researchers and is still something that cannot be fully explained. Everyone reacts to stress differently. Our bodies and minds are capable of so many unexplainable things and as a result, the distinctions that make each one of us so unique causes different reactions to the stimulants of stress. So as a result, it is wrong for me to say that everyone is effected by stress in the same manner. In fact, in certain cases, some people adhere to stress and can sustain stress for longer periods of time than most people. Others are effected by stress as soon as they are stimulated while others have a cushion of time that can carry them for so long until they mellow out and succumb to stress.

Whatever the case may be, it is agreed on that stress effect everyone in some from or another in these 5 ways:

#1. According to research found at the American Academy of Family Physicians, continued stress on one’s body and mind can lead and increase one’s rate of having heart disease, cancer, depression, accidental injury and even suicide.

#2.Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Norepinephrine are three hormones that deplete your body’s vitamin B content and aids in surprising your immune system. All three of these hormones are produced from effects of stress on our body.

#3. Stress Raises Your Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Interrupts Digestion within our bodies.

#4. Stress interfers and disturbs our sleep cycle.

#5. And lastly, long-term stress can cause adrenal fatigue.

So knowing this is important in understanding that stress is something inevitable, but is something that we need to be aware about. We must let our bodies rest and cool down from the stimulants stress causes and replenish itself to keep on going. Stress is said to be the world’s number one silent killer, don’t let it slowly deplete you. 

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