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The Change in Pearl Jam

Disclaimer: Kevin’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s.

Ah, Pearl Jam. One of the good old 90’s bands. They are one of the few bands from that decade that still sustain success today. If you are a rock lover, you must have at least heard one of their songs. Somehow, the songs you first hear from them are from their debut album Ten.

However, over the years, there’s been a change in the band. Even if every band has its changes, Pearl Jam has changed dramatically in my point of view, from lineup to albums. Dave Abbruzzese was the second drummer after Dave Krusen. Jack Irons then replaced Abbruzzese after the Vs. album. Matt Cameron was the last drummer so far to replace Jack Irons. All were amazing drummers, but I prefer Matt Cameron, even if he was still part of Soundgarden. Stone Gossard (Rhythm Guitar), Mike McCready (Lead Guitar), and Jeff Ament (Bass Guitar) are all still part of the original lineup along with Eddie Vedder. Over the course of Pearl Jam’s history, each album after Vs. seemed to have less of an impact in the music industry. Every album is good in its own aspect, but their albums seemed to be getting harder to write about. To find inspirations to write about is mostly hard but sometimes easy. Nonetheless, there are very good songs in each one. In Pearl Jam’s Pearl Jam, “Comatose” and “Life Wasted” are amazing. In their most recent album Lighting Bolt, they have made somewhat of a comeback to their first album, but in a more modern way. “Green Disease” in Riot Act is a cool song as well. The Vs. album continues the “Pearl Jam” sound from the first album.

Ten was an epic album, especially to the fans, the critics, and the world in general. Released in early 1992, it didn’t begin selling in significant numbers until Nirvana become widely known and popular on rock radio. Its opening track “Once”, is a great shock with somewhat upbeat rhythms yet full of anguish and a bit of sorrow. “Even Flow” is the most common song

known by fans, as it is their first song they heard by Pearl Jam. With its hooking solo, and stuck-in-your head chorus, it’s an awesome song. “Alive”, “Jeremy” and “Black” are other songs that fans have first listened to. “Why Go” is a track that is catchy at best but mostly gets annoying after being stuck in your head for a while. “Oceans” is a cool song to relax to but in the position it is on the album just ruins it for some reason. “Porch” starts to get you back on rock out mode. “Garden” starts out with the same dynamics as “Oceans” but is changed up as it adds distortion. “Deep” continues that distortion from “Garden” then makes it like the couple of songs in the beginning of the album. “Release” ends the song on a relaxing note which is the perfect position since it makes the album complete in a sense. The album also ends with the same music playing in the beginning.

Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam, has this voice that just sounds epic. Deep yet also a bit raspy at times. He commonly uses phrases such as “yeah”, “hmm”, and “ohh”. That is what everyone loves about the band. It’s catchy and along with the music, it fits perfectly. It has that core of heavy anthem rock of the 70s, grit/anger of the 80’s post-punk, and grunge. Although the band has made epic transformations, it is still the band we know and love. I have asked people around me about Pearl Jam’s new albums and they disliked them. I do love them, but not in the way I love Ten.

Pearl Jam, we love you and in everything good you do, we support you. Just listen to the fans, and try to make an album more like Ten again. Even if the effort makes the new album like Lightning Bolt, it is still an effort appreciated. Now I know they are getting old, and don’t have the energy they had back then, but that doesn’t mean they could start giving in to the soft and pop music. We believe in you!

Kevin MayoraAbout the Author:

Kevin is a beginning musician for 4 years, capable of playing guitar, bass, piano, and drums. As a person who listens to everything, he loves to write about anything music related. He also enjoys expressing his views about life through his music.

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