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Review: America: Imagine The World Without Her

"America" takes the "America is a Menace" hypothesis straight on.

America is a must see for all Americans. It is an amazing, inspirational, and breathtaking answer to the popular hypothesis that America and Capitalism is evil and the number one menace to the modern world.  Acclaimed author and director of the second most popular political documentary of all time (2016: Obama’s America), Dinesh D’Souza un-rebuttubly refutes the “America is Evil and a Menace to the World” hypothesis. D’Souza attacks the hypothesis from all fronts: from the idea that America was stolen from the Native Americans to the ideology that capitalism is the root of all evils. Due to the shear number of supporting facts and historical precedent, each component of the rebuttal is stated quite briefly in the first hour of the film. However, Dinish, who also narrates the film, does an amazing job at consolidating his arguments to maximize the efficiency of delivery and minimize the effect of time constraints on the quality of his rebuttal. This first part of the film is pure fact-based, using historical precedent and un-refutable evidence to back-up D’Souza’s claims.

Then I will concede there is an approximately 20 minute segment of Conspiracy Theory on the origins of the “America is Evil” hypothesis. D’Souza does this in a very coherent way and provides many good points, but as he links the Cause to the Effect (which includes Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton) one must ask: Although the evidence points this way, can we really prove this to be true?

The last 20 minutes of America consists of pure cold-hard truths about the current situation in the United States. Many of these points are particularly sad and will instill the “This can’t be true”/”yuck factor” in many individuals, but unfortunately no matter how sad it is, these things are going on in our country.

America: Imagine The World Without Her is definitely a must set for all Americans and for anyone interested in American history. I can, without hesitation, give this film a full 10/10 for quality, concise proposals, factual evidence, and inspirational value. An argument is presented and firmly backed up with grounded facts and historical precedent. I can say with certainty that supporters of the “America is a Menace” hypothesis will have trouble finding facts to refute those presented by D’Souza in this film. For that reason, I can see this film being avoided by such proponents. Ad hominem and “yuck factor” rebuttals may ensue, but I challenge everyone to attempt to debunk D’Souza based upon fact and/or historical evidence. For the lucky one who successfully does, I will not hesitate to feature you on this site.

There is a reason why America is the #1 Documentary on Amazon. It earned the title and sure will go down in the history books as one of the best of all time. D’Souza succeeds where many others fail. He not only states hypotheses, but supports them with cold-hard facts, thus solidifying them into theories. Individuals like him are rare to none in the modern political realm. With the country the way it is, we could sure use more like him. This film is definitely a must see.

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