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Protestors Demand More Information on the Murder of Michael Brown

Michael Brown's shooting death has sparked riots in the town of Ferguson, MO. [Photo from Facebook]

In Ferguson, MO., Michael Brown, an 18 year old resident, was shot and killed by a police officer. It was stated by an authority that the incident occurred late at night around 1:00 A.M near a convenience store. During the time of this event, the young man was accompanied by his friend, Dorian Johnson, while they were walking on the streets. Based on Johnson, a police officer arrived asking them to walk on the sidewalk. However, the situation turned out of hand when Brown refused and the policeman nearly hit them with his car. From there, Brown was grabbed by the officer, and was eventually shot to death. According to Johnson, Brown asked him to run away because he knew how serious the situation turned out to be.

However, even though this was the story relayed by Brown’s friend, many activists continued to demand more information from the police. One important detail the protestors asked for was the officer’s name. But the Police Chief, Tom Jackson, explained that many death threats came to them and that, due to these threats, he cannot reveal the name because it could put the officer in danger. As a result, the activists became more livid about the event.

Some of these protestors even feel that racism had a key part in the crime. Based on Johnson and another witness the officer was a white man while Brown was black. Thus, the death of Brown lead to the idea that Brown was killed because of his race.

The campaigners started marches, robberies, and more in Ferguson. Yesterday, it was reported how another shooting occurred because of Brown’s death. Based off police reports, strangers in masks started a shooting Wednesday night. The police officers stated how they intended to stop the disorder, but were forced to take lethal action. Specifically, one officer asked the masked men to stop the shooting, but they retaliated by pointing a gun at him. Therefore the officer shot back, which lead to a huge shooting.

However, after all of these events, the general population of Ferguson still wants to know what happened from the police’s point of view. Unfortunately, the police department cannot relay enough information. They continuously repeat the same little details, and this worsens the situation.

According to protestors, they feel that if the officers, who are supposed to protect them, cannot or will not reveal information to them, then they cannot trust them.

The officers, as of now, are trying to handle the protests, which tend to worsen each night. As a result, more shootings are being expected by the police, and the officers are preparing for the worst.

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