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Officer Shot In Ferguson Law enforcement lock the area down in an attempt to find the shooters.

In early August a shooting occurred killing a young man named Michael Brown. This was a very controversial topic which resulted in many protestors marching in against of it.  However, on September 27th a Ferguson police officer, Brian Schellman, was involved in a shooting, in which he was shot. The bullet hit his arm and his wounds were not life threating.

According to the officer, the shooting occurred on the Saturday evening when he was on a patrol around 9:30 P.M. As he was on patrol, he noticed two men near a store that was closed. As a result, the officer went towards them to question what they were doing. Unfortunately, the two men ran away, and as the officer chased them he was shot. One of the men had a gun and retaliated by shooting him. Later on, activists came around the streets believing the officer had killed or shot another bystander, but instead they realized an officer was wounded.

As time progressed, reinforcements arrived to handle the situations, but no arrest had been claimed directly. Law enforcement attempted to use helicopters and contain a good portion of the town. However, the two men escaped.

Currently the chief and his representative revealed  a little amount of information on the investigation. Seemingly though, the crime scene was close to the location of where Brown had been killed. Thus, many investigators and activists aren’t astonished to see an officer be involved in a shooting.

Also, as this investigation continues, the representatives  discuss the case with Brown. The officer on duty apologized about leaving Brown dead on the crime scene for a long time, and how the entire police force meant no offense. Nonetheless, the case is still continuing on whether the incident violated Brown’s civil rights.

As of now, Brian is in the hospital being treated and is in no life threatening situation.

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