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Nvidia: Maxwell GM204 GPUs to Come this October

Rumor has it that Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture will finally go mainstream this October. The release is to feature the GM204 Maxwell architecture in both the 800 series desktop and the 900m series mobility variants.

1st Gen Maxwell was a whopping 50% more efficient than Kepler. Just imagine second gen. Image Courtesy: Nvidia

1st Gen Maxwell was a whopping 200% more efficient than Kepler. Just imagine what is possible with second gen. Image Courtesy: Nvidia

The mobility variant is on paper a whole series “higher” however both are using the exact same architecture which I’m pretty sure has never been done before. Before this rumor it was speculated that in order to settle the naming discrepancy Nvidia would either rebrand their 800m series with new Maxwell variants (which they did begin to do with the 860m) or release MX variants of the 800m series with the Maxwell architecture. A move to the 900m series would come at a surprise since the series is generally based on the architecture. Same architecture, same series.

In case you were wondering why the mobile cards are named a whole series ahead: the 700 series desktop offered ample power for Nvidia to be competitive; however in the mobile space, with AMD’s release of the R9 m200 series, Nvidia needed a boost to keep them on top of the mobile space (a title which their much more efficient Keplar architecture has easily held over AMD’s architecture). Thus, a third Keplar release with the 800m series. These were pretty much just overclocked 700m series cards but they sure did do the trick.

An October Maxwell release would be both surprising and expected at the same time. Nvidia’s chip manufacturer, TMSC, has had massive problems with its 20nm process, which was supposed to be one pillar of the 800 series. This delay would have set any 20nm Maxwell card back way into the latter half of 2015. However, if a 28nm process is used it would be more than reasonable that Nvidia releases its newest

The Maxwell 880 can even blow this baby away. Image Courtesy: Nvidia

The Maxwell 880 can even blow this baby away. Image Courtesy: Nvidia

cards in October.

Maxwell’s incredible efficiency will do wonders in the mobile and desktop spaces alike. Nvidia’s past Maxwell re-releases have featured similar performance to their Kepler counterparts with half the CUDA cores. That efficiency is phenomenal. Going by this trend, Nvidia can effectively double the power of their cards without any hit on power consumption, heat, or even core count.

Hopefully this rumor is true. Not only is Nvidia due up for an upgrade, but with those new games of 2015 coming out, our computers could really use the boost for 1440p+/60fps gameplay. Theoretically, a single 880 can have the power of two 780s with no need to worry about SLI scaling. So the raw power of four 780s with minimal scaling issues may be coming to a desktop near you this October. 4k gaming anyone?

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