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2015 NBA Playoffs Predictions

Disclaimer: Dan’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s. The NBA Playoffs are upon us and there are many teams that have the potential to win it all this year. These are a few of my predictions and my own personal take on this year’s playoff and each team’s role in the NBA. In the Western Conference, it’s a tough decision on which team  will come out first. Golden State is obviously the favorite, but teams like the Rockets, Clippers, Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, and Spurs are all tough and strong teams. The Mavericks and Pelicans are the seventh and eighth seed in the conference who are great teams, but stand virtually no chance in their series as the Pelicans face the Warriors and as the Mavericks face the Rockets. Personally, I do not think there will be too many upsets in the end, because no team will defeat the Warriors. In saying so, my prediction is for the Rockets and Warriors to reach the Western Conference Finals with the Warriors winning seven games. However, in the Eastern Conference, there are only a couple of teams that I would say have potential, because the conference has become weaker than the […]


New York Comic Con 2014 Re-Cap

It’s now 2015! Happy New Year guys! Comic Con 2014! And to think it was only three months ago that Comic Con 2014 was held… We passed San Diego’s Comic Con numbers in attendance, making the Con open another day to stabilize ticket sales. Who knew it would have gotten so popular? I guess everyone. If you think about it, it has grown during these past couple of years, with more people wanting to see their favorite cosplayers, artists, and comic book writers. I started just last year, and I could tell you: Definitely a lot more people. Since this was my second year, I needed a plan for my three days. I decided to visit the cosplayers I admire and recognize a lot: Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han. As the con came closer, I added more cosplayers I discovered to the list such as Ani-Mia and Ivy Doomkitty. The day finally came: NEW YORK COMIC CON! This is how it went down for me this year. Me and Jessica Nigri The good news, it was my birthday so it made it even more special. The bad news: I had class, and got to the con 6pm Thursday night. Even […]


The Struggling New York Knicks

Disclaimer: Dan’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s. The Knicks have started out the season this year with a 4-10 record. People are comparing their record to their inability to master the triangle offense under first year head coach, Derek Fisher. The triangle offense promotes ball movement, as well as puts more of an emphasis on players to move around when they do not have the ball. The Knicks are one of the only teams that run this style of offense as other teams run more of a pick-and-roll type offense. In some of their games, the Knicks looked very impressive running this style of offense but at other times, the Knicks looked lost on the court. This is not to say that they are taking bad shots but most of their problems was their inability to make wide open jumpers. A reason for this is due to the fact that Carmelo Anthony is the only legit scorer for the team. When the Knicks signed Melo, they had hopes that he, Amare Stoudemire, and J.R. Smith could be something like a “big 3.” The only problem is J.R. Smith is a head case and Stoudemire is not the […]


Latest On The Golden State Warriors

Disclaimer: Dan’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s. The Golden State Warriors led by first year head coach Steve Kerr, has started off with an impressive 8-2 record to be considered one of the best teams in the beginning of the season so far. What is most impressive about the Warriors is that they are expressing dominance without superstar, David Lee. Lee is currently out of the season due to an injury. Draymond Green has been the starting Power Forward and has been exceeding expectations. He has achieved double- doubles almost every night in which some people are wondering how long he can keep this play up. Harrison Barnes has been developing very nicely in which some games this year, he has been starting over veteran guard Andre Iguodola. With his new contract, guard Klay Thompson, has been really proving that he is worth it by putting up great numbers in the past couple of weeks. In some games, he has scored better numbers than his splash brother Stephan Curry. Curry has also been playing well, though in recent games, having trouble reaching 20 points. All in all, the Warriors have been playing some of the best basketball […]


The Effects of Stress on our Bodies

Stress is something that is undefinable and abstract but is something that everyone goes through. It is a defining factor that we often tend to overlook and deny but subsequently adhere to. We often don’t realize the amount of stress we put our minds and bodies through because of outside factors and this overtime has a negative connotation to our mind and body as one. We worry too much about bills and the rent along with stress from school and work and then when combined along with social and independent stress we do major harm to our bodies. Whether you’ve just had a rough day, or a rough week, it is important that we take time to cool down and replenish our tanks to keep going. This process of rejuvenating and restoring ourself has miraculous effects on our bodies. When compared to a person who constantly keeps going the one that takes the time to revive themselves have had both beneficial long and short-term effects. Long-term effects in terms of one’s body abilities to fight off diseases and sickness overtime and short-term effects in terms of bursts of energy and effective duration throughout one’s day. This is obtained through proper […]

"America" takes the "America is a Menace" hypothesis straight on.

Review: America: Imagine The World Without Her

America is a must see for all Americans. It is an amazing, inspirational, and breathtaking answer to the popular hypothesis that America and Capitalism is evil and the number one menace to the modern world.  Acclaimed author and director of the second most popular political documentary of all time (2016: Obama’s America), Dinesh D’Souza un-rebuttubly refutes the “America is Evil and a Menace to the World” hypothesis. D’Souza attacks the hypothesis from all fronts: from the idea that America was stolen from the Native Americans to the ideology that capitalism is the root of all evils. Due to the shear number of supporting facts and historical precedent, each component of the rebuttal is stated quite briefly in the first hour of the film. However, Dinish, who also narrates the film, does an amazing job at consolidating his arguments to maximize the efficiency of delivery and minimize the effect of time constraints on the quality of his rebuttal. This first part of the film is pure fact-based, using historical precedent and un-refutable evidence to back-up D’Souza’s claims. Then I will concede there is an approximately 20 minute segment of Conspiracy Theory on the origins of the “America is Evil” hypothesis. D’Souza does this in a very […]