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New York Comic Con 2014 Re-Cap

It’s now 2015! Happy New Year guys!

Comic Con 2014!

And to think it was only three months ago that Comic Con 2014 was held… We passed San Diego’s Comic Con numbers in attendance, making the Con open another day to stabilize ticket sales. Who knew it would have gotten so popular?

I guess everyone. If you think about it, it has grown during these past couple of years, with more people wanting to see their favorite cosplayers, artists, and comic book writers. I started just last year, and I could tell you: Definitely a lot more people.

Since this was my second year, I needed a plan for my three days. I decided to visit the cosplayers I admire and recognize a lot: Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han. As the con came closer, I added more cosplayers I discovered to the list such as Ani-Mia and Ivy Doomkitty. The day finally came: NEW YORK COMIC CON! This is how it went down for me this year.

Me and Jessica Negri

Me and Jessica Nigri

The good news, it was my birthday so it made it even more special. The bad news: I had class, and got to the con 6pm Thursday night. Even though I was alone and had no idea what to do, I walked around to get familiar with my surroundings once more, saw two buddies of mine, and took photos.

Friday rolled around and I had a buddy to go with! It was time to kick my plan in. I woke up so late, even if I promised myself to wake up early. We got there around 1pm. We met Jessica Nigri for the first time (She was cosplaying a female version of Magneto). I had to buy a print because it’s Jessica Nigri bro. We later moved along the booths, seeing what to buy. Lemme tell you, this one place around the middle of The Block with a yellow banner/flag sold things cheaper. Five to ten bucks cheaper is really awesome. I recommend it for buying stuff like hats, goggles, and glasses. I really wanted to see Yaya Han but I didn’t want to wait in line for a while after waiting for Jessica so I wanted to come back later. Some of my friend’s friends joined us and then we were bombarded by more friends. I took the time to interview one of them:

Me: “So, I’m here with Amina, and you’re supposed to be?”

Amina: “I’m Merlin from… Merlin.” (Laughs)

Me: “Ok, so uhm, how’s your day at Comic Con?”

Amina: “I got here late cuz I had to come after school, and it was a pain in the ass trying to figure out where everything is, but then I found the autographs table then everything was just ok.”

Me: “What else are you going to do later on?”

Amina: “Well, I’m going to go to the Doctor Who panels of course! Haha… And there’s a few others that I want to see, nothing too extravagant because I… don’t have that much money, I spent most of it on autographs!

Me: “Ah! Yeah, me too! (Referencing my Jessica Nigri print) Uh, I don’t wanna keep you busy so thank you for your time.”

Katrina Chiovan

Katrina Chiovan

We then separated and my group headed to play Let’s Dance 2015. While they were waiting in line, I left to go see Katrina Chiovon. Since she liked my photos of Thursday night Comic Con, I visited her booth and got her picture along with a signed poster! Very cool person. When I came back, I was just on time, and saw my friends dance. The game also had great song selections, including “What Does the Fox Say”, the Tetris theme song, and “Problem”. We each separated to go check out everything else. I went to Artist Alley only once and walked around. Since I only had five bucks left, it was pretty boring, other than the cool artists surrounding me. I headed back to The Block to meet Ani-Mia. My friends wanted to leave but sat down somewhere due to fatigue. I started following Ani-Mia on Instagram like a couple of weeks ago, so it was easier to talk somewhat. I did get her signature on a cosplay trading card that was only – GUESS WHAT- Five bucks.

My lucky day. My friend’s friend wanted to meet her as well so we went back. She met her and I saw the line for Yaya Han was capped so I thought I’ll meet her Sunday.

We then left after this amazing day.

 Sunday morning: Woke up early, but not on time. The E train was running on the F line so I had to walk a couple of more blocks. Along the way, I met a Darth Vader, and I interviewed him:

Me: “So, I’m here with, what’s your name?”

Efra: “My name is Efra… Vader.”

Me: “Ok! So, uh, right now we’re walking to comic con. What do you think you’re going to do today?”

Efra: “Well I really hope to visit Neil Adams, Mike Choi, as well as see some great costumes. Maybe even see Yaya Han… again.”

Me: “Yeah! I’m doing that too, I’m gonna go see her too. So you said again? Like you visited her last year?”

Darth Vader!

Darth Vader!

Efra: “Yes! Last year, uhm Marvel, she was linked up with Marvel, she was dressed as Madam Hydra and if you were dressed as a Marvel character, you could go up on stage and meet Yaya Han. So I was dressed as G.I. Joe, actually, Destro from G.I. Joe and uh, you know, got to take a few flicks with her, she asked me a few questions, she fell in love immediately obviously but uh, but I had to turn her down, there were too many ladies crowding me as it was. It was a great experience, really cool.”


Me: “So, you’re going to buy anything?”

Efra: Uh, I’m going to peruse and see if there is any back issues, I’m kind of behind on comic books right now… (Lady interrupted to say “very nice costume!”)


“Little behind right now, so I’m going to see what’s out there, see what’s good.

Me: “Cool, well thank you for your time!”

Efra: “Oh, no problem!”

I proceeded to move inwards the con and said my goodbyes. I wanted to see Ani-Mia again, but couldn’t due to lateness. I also wanted to see if Lola Dreambomb was also there, because she follows me back on twitter, but she wasn’t there. I moved on to see Ivy Doomkitty who was supposed to be in the same booth as Jessica Nigri, so I went to wait on line. This time it was longer. An hour and 30 minutes standing in the same spot (compared to 15-20 minutes Friday) due to a change in time, plus I realized Ivy Doomkitty wasn’t there. It was alright though. I interviewed this guy on the line in front of me:

Me: “So, I’m here with, what’s your name?”

Chris: “My name’s Chris!”

Chris playing it simple with a Dragonball Z shirt. Kame-Hame-Ha!

Chris playing it simple with a Dragonball Z shirt. Kame-Hame-Ha!

Me: “Alright, hi Chris! And you’re not dressed up today?”

Chris: “Uhm, no, I’m not, I don’t do well with dressing up, so I just wore a DBZ shirt… Cuz I just like it.”

Me: “Alright, Dragonball Z! So, uhm, what are we doing right now at Comic Con?”

Chris: “Right now, we’re waiting on line for uhm, Jessica Nigri… a very beautiful cosplayer.”

Me: “Yeah, I agree, I saw her already, but I want to see if I can meet her again.”

(This guy enters in asking questions)

Guy: “This cosplayer… dresses as what?

Chris: “Uh, I don’t know. It could be anything I wouldn’t care.”

Me: “I think she said Sonico, or she would take the day off.”

Guy: “Oh ok, male or female?”

Chris/Me/Surrounding people in line: “It’s a female.”

Guy: Oh, I get why’s there’s fans now. She’s gonna have huge boobs, I get it. Alright.”


Chris: “It’s why we’re all here” (Laughs)

Me: “Generally, she’s a nice person as well.”

Guy: “That’s a plus! I’m a nice person, no one’s lining up for me.”

Me: “I’ll line up for you right now!” (Laughter)

Guy: “I’m working on my boobs. (Laughter)… Ok, bye.” (He leaves).

Me: “Alright so how was your time at comic con so far?”

Chris: “So far, it’s been pretty good, bought a couple of things, saw great people, saw Nick Fury, saw, uh, Phoenix, a really hot Phoenix (Laughs), yeah. You know, just a bunch of other characters are really well-done in their character/costume making.”

A bunch of Deadpools!

A bunch of Deadpools!

Me: “Awesome. So, what have you bought, I see you got something in your bag. (Backpack)”

Chris: “Yeah, I bought this really cool, uhm Deadpool and I forgot his name… Uhm Blade? No Slade! It was a local artist, I don’t know his name but I

basically liked it cuz they’re both bad-asses but Deadpool would win, just because he’s a mutant and he really can’t die. You know? And another couple things, like pins here and there, stickers…”

Me: “Nice, nice, so thank you for your time, Chris, and I’ll see you later!”

Chris: “Oh, thank you!”

While waiting, the funniest thing happened. Jessica Nigri came and passed in front of us to get to her booth, and touched the DS of a girl who was playing Super Smash Bros. She was ecstatic that she touched her DS and we were just hyped she literally ran right passed us. Jessica said earlier on her social media that she was sick Friday and Saturday and apologized for not being her usual self (I didn’t notice Friday since I met her the first time). When we met her this time, she was so hype herself and seemed happier, which made the wait totally worth it. After that, I said my goodbyes to my new friends and went to meet up with my girlfriend and her group. We walked around seeing more cosplays and awesome stuff to buy. We soon bumped into a group who knew what my girlfriend was cosplaying as (A character from Ava’s Demon, a web comic). I started talking to the four guys while the girl cosplaying Ryuko Matoi from the anime Kill La Kill talked to my girlfriend and her friends.

Me and Jessica Nigri again.

Me and Jessica Nigri again.

Me: “So I’m here with, what’s your name?”

???: “Josh.”

Me: “Josh, and??”

???: “Nick.”

Me: “Josh and Nick! What are you cosplaying as?”

Josh: “I’m cosplaying as Scott Pilgrim.”

Me: “Alright!”

Nick: “I am obviously cosplaying as Finn the Human.”

Me: “And what’s your name?”

???: “Leo!”

Me: “And what are you cosplaying as?”

Leo: “Houka Inumuta from Kill la Kill!”

Me: “Awesome! And you?”

???: “I’m —- (Really hard to make the name out)

Me: “Cosplaying as?”

Alex: “Sorry I’m Alex cosplaying as —–”

Me: “Alright cool! So you four guys, how many days have you been to Comic Con?”

Nick: “It’s my second day here.”

Leo: “My second day as well.”

Josh/Alex: “First.”

Me: “Cool! So what’d you buy?”

(From Left to Right): Josh (Scott Pilgrim), Alex, Leo (Houka Inumuta), and Nick (Finn the Human)

Nick: “Well I think I spent quite a bit, my sword, can’t see cuz it’s audio (He made a point), is made of sheets of corigated (spelling?) plastic that I bought. It was actually really cheap and it’s all attached to the little arm/wrist thing which I made after I ordered a poster. For Jake the dog, it’s paint.”

Me: “Awesome.”

Josh: “All I had to get for the Con is a shirt and I got a book and they actually give some pins and a poster to people cosplaying as Scott Pilgrim characters.”

Me: “And you?”

Alex: “I needed to find grey pants but my friend Leo saved me and got me a shirt!”

Me: “Legit! And what’d you buy?”

Leo: “Yesterday I bought a t-shirt with the same design as my costume. And also a graphic novel called ‘Nerd Pimp’. Oh and I got a ‘Welcome to Night Ville’ poster that was signed by Cecile Waldman (spelling?) from Cell.”

Me: “Nice!”

Nick: “I also got that! I also got pretty cool autographed books about like Dungeons and Dragons. My personal favorite was ‘The Resurrectionist’, which was this neat little book with anatomical diagrams of fantasy creatures.”

Me: “Nice! So how’s your time here at Comic Con? You having fun?”

Josh: “Pretty cool!”

Alex: “Great!”

Leo: “So much fun!”

Me: “Awesome! Thanks for your time guys!

We went our separate ways, and saw more cool people. In the end, I didn’t get to see Yaya Han, Ivy Doomkitty, nor Lola DreamBomb, but I did have an amazing time. Now I know more famous cosplayers and people and will hope to see them for 2015 NYCC. This past 2014 was a great year in general. I hope for more awesome things this year. Welcome to the new year!

All my awesome pictures from Comic Con:

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