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NATO Convenes To Discuss ISIS and Russia

Over the past month, many concerns have been rapidly rising concerning political leaders around the world. In Iraq, ISIS is continuing its pursuit through the process of violence. Steven Sotloff, another journalist was killed by an ISIS militant. He is the second captive to be executed after James Foley. As a result many activists in America targeted the president for not taking action. However America was not the only country to be affected. Nations in Europe are also seeing the threat of ISIS and plan for action.

On Thursday NATO met up in Wales to conduct a meeting about ISIS. According to President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron the ISIS issue grows at hand. The two plan to take action, but in different forms. Instead of using air strikes like the US, other countries like Britain plan to send troops and supplies by the end of the year. Unfortunately some of NATO members declare it will be too late by then. As a result the political leaders in Europe hasten up their plan in order to provide support.

However, this is not the only problem NATO faces. In recent news Russia has used its power to take over Ukraine. This act however goes against rules, according to NATO members. NATO stated that Russia acted in the wrong way, and is lying about their presence in Ukraine. Thus NATO leaders decided to send some troops on the east side in order to have a closer look at Russia. They hope that this will prepare for any conflicts. It is said that this meeting was the most important for NATO in the last decade.

As of now, the situation with ISIS worsens as their members continue to behead captured civilians. Russia poses as a threat and NATO along with the US and Britain prepare for plans of action to stop both sides.

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