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Latest On The Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors led by first year head coach Steve Kerr, has started off with an impressive 8-2 record to be considered one of the best teams in the beginning of the season so far.

What is most impressive about the Warriors is that they are expressing dominance without superstar, David Lee. Lee is currently out of the season due to an injury. Draymond Green has been the starting Power Forward and has been exceeding expectations. He has achieved double- doubles almost every night in which some people are wondering how long he can keep this play up.

Harrison Barnes has been developing very nicely in which some games this year, he has been starting over veteran guard Andre Iguodola.

With his new contract, guard Klay Thompson, has been really proving that he is worth it by putting up great numbers in the past couple of weeks. In some games, he has scored better numbers than his splash brother Stephan Curry. Curry has also been playing well, though in recent games, having trouble reaching 20 points. All in all, the Warriors have been playing some of the best basketball games so far.

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