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Kevin Mayorga On Comic Con 2014

As you all know, New York Comic Con is this weekend. I will be going for three days: Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. One of the best things about the con, is usually all the stuff you are able to see. Comics, video game, and anime updates are some that people are excited for. Others want to go see cosplayers, both famous and amateur. I am one of those people. The sight of so many people banding together to celebrate cool stuff, meet actors/artists, and just have fun in general is amazing. Some famous cosplayers that I know will be going are Jessica Nigri, Ivy Doomkitty, and Ani-Mia. Stan Lee is definitely going to be there. Other famous people will be listed at New York Comic Con’s website.

The main thing I’ll be doing is having fun (obviously) as well as hosting  interviews. So be sure to look out for interviews from me, addressing others from Comic Con. I will be dressed as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who. Say hi if you run into me!

About the Author:

Kevin is a beginning musician for 4 years, capable of playing guitar, bass, piano, and drums. As a person who listens to everything, he loves to write about anything music related. He also enjoys expressing his views about life through his music.

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