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Jaguar To Implement New Visualization Technology

While BMW is focused on introducing GoPro cameras to their vehicles and Mercedes focuses on night vision that requires headlamps to be on, the folks at Jaguar have actually done something rather useful: a virtual windscreen. For the average driver the display will show hazards, speed and navigation but for the performance driver on actual race circuits will include virtual racing lines, brake guidance, virtual cones for training and ghost car racing (your previous lap becomes a ghost on the windscreen).

I haven’t seen anything like this ever before unless if you count video games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, so yeah it’s going to a big deal considering the competition has nothing to retaliate with at all. Unlike BMW with their Go Pros, the performance feature is only available on race circuits to prevent any muttonheads from trying to beat their lap time to the grocery store.  And Jaguar isn’t done there.

Along with the innovative windscreen, Jaguar is also working on a gesture control system to make reaching for buttons obsolete. The system is based on capacitive discharge touch screens called e-fields sensing…it basically can track gestures from 15cm away (the average smartphone only has a range of 5mm). And Jaguar still isn’t done yet. The English automaker is looking to replace rear view mirrors along with side view mirrors with virtual displays and cameras using a 3D instrument cluster for top notch depth perception. Jaguar states that the technology will be on sale within the next couple of years.

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