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ISIS Continues Their Advance Into Iraq

ISIS has  grown stronger over the past couple of months. The militant group now has numerous weapons varying from guns, to tanks, and helicopters. As a result, it is not shocking that the ISIS is claiming multiple territories within Iraq.

However, their advances are becoming more troublesome. Based off of recent statements, ISIS movements have caused some tension for the US. For instance, ISIS has almost taken over Kobani  with US aid to the Kurds over there. This is very significant because Kobani is near the border of Iraq near Turkey. Thus, ISIS is expanding to the ends of Iraq, which indicates that ISIS has a lot of control and power. Also as ISIS advances toward Kobani, the group  heads to the capital of Iraq too.

According to the news reports,  ISIS has moved towards Baghdad, specifically within 8 miles of the region. Therefore, US officials have concerns on what will occur at the capital. On the other hand, some of the US authorities are not concerned because the capital is said to be heavily guarded. The security is tight, and thus ISIS should have a difficult time getting into the capital. Also with the support of the US and other nations the likely hood of the ISIS seizing the capital is unlikely.

As of Kobani, the US continue to use airstrikes to support the Kurds, but the strikes aren’t having a strong result. Many of the Kurds have fled too. Based on multiple reports the Kurds have left their households, and moved across the border to Turkey, where they are being held in rescue shelters. As for the remaining Kurds, they are fighting face to face against the ISIS, which can lead to a high death count. The US also has not backed down, and will continue to support the Kurds in battle.

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