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Interviewing YouTubers: The Fine Bros

Disclaimer: Kevin’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s.

I had one of the best chances ever, to meet the Fine Brothers in person, face-to-face. These two brothers have been making videos since the creation of YouTube itself! They are most known for their REACT videos. They have Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, YouTubers React, and most recently,Celebrities React. They also have some side videos including My Music and Emo Dad. They currently have 10,175,218 subscribers! Me included, of course.

Basically, Benny and Rafi Fine wanted to meet up with fans in New York the following day after watching the last game Derek Jeter played with the Yankees. I headed up to Citi Field around the evening and met the two guys! So the interview was short with three questions, with me pausing from excitement.

Me: “So, we are here with Benny and Rafi from the Fine Bros. from uh… YouTube!”

Rafi: “It would have been great if you were like ‘From uhh’ I don’t even know…”


Benny: “Here’s Rhett and Link with the…”


Me: “Good Mythical Morning! Haha, so um, you guys were here yesterday for the Jeter’s game right?”

Benny/Rafi: “Yeah we were.”

Me: “So you grew up with Jeter and loved watching him play and everything?”

Benny: “Yeah we grew up in Brooklyn in the 80s and 90s, so we were around for very bad Yankee teams, and Rafi’s a Mets fan.”

Rafi: “Yeah, that’s why we’re here for this Mets game.”

Benny: “But yeah, it was like a chapter of our life ending. I feel like that’s what’s great about sports, that even if you don’t like sports, they remind you that time goes on. So even if you don’t like sports, you can understand why people get so excited.”

Rafi: “Like all of the people you use to watch, none of them play anymore. It makes you realize just how old you are. And it’s a beautiful thing and it’s a sad thing. Kinda like the Kids React to Technology episodes.

Me/Benny: “Yeah!”

Rafi: “It kinda pisses people off, we’re like it’s a beautiful thing, like it’s like ‘wow, oh how interesting we evolved’ but also like ‘Ugh, god, I can’t believe how old I am!’ Ugh yeah”

Me: “Exactly how I felt!” (Referencing to watching the videos)

Rafi: “Yeah.”

Me: “So um, you just recently met Matthew Santoro right?”

Benny/ Rafi: “Yeah! Great guy.”

Me: “Yeah, love following him and all of his vlogs, so um how do you think he’s going to fare well in the YouTube community so far?”

Benny: “Oh well, he’s doing great! He’s um… (We got paused for a photo from the workers at the stadium.)

Rafi: (Sarcastically) “Oh sure, this is a perfect time.” (We took it anyway.)

Benny: “Alright, so I think he’s going to do fine! He’s got a leg up and he has got a format that works well to collab with others, and uh, he’s got a great personality and I think he’s going to do good. He’s doing the right thing!”

Rafi: “Yes!”

Me: “Alright so last question: How would you guys feel about a, I don’t know, some Musicians React/Rock Stars React, something like that?”

Benny: “It’s something that we would really like to do, but we’re more wanting to put them together inside of Celebrities React…”

Rafi: “Or in YouTubers React!”

Benny: “Depending on who we have, like we had Boyce Avenue on YouTubers React, we had Walk Off the Earth…”

Rafi: “Lindsey Stirling…”

Benny: “Two of the Pentatonix people were on it so depending where they fall in, we don’t necessarily need to separate people out. We want to kinda bring more people together.”

Me: “Alright so perfect! Thanks for your time guys.”

Benny: “Thanks so much for coming to meet us!”

Rafi: “Thank you for coming!”

I apologize everyone for having this interview so short, I was not prepared mentally. These two guys are so awesome and friendly, that I am still ecstatic from meeting them. Plus, I wanted the other fans to meet them since I’m such a nice guy right? The Fine Brothers also told me about how if YouTube never existed they never knew if they were going to make it this big. Probably filmmakers, script writers, or maybe that childhood dream they have for writing for Saturday Night Live. Either way, their React videos show exactly how people react differently to the same thing. It’s like an eye-opener in a way. I can’t wait for Matthew Santoro’s appearance in their YouTubers React videos. He’s been gaining popularity this year, but let’s leave him for another article.

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Kevin is a beginning musician for 4 years, capable of playing guitar, bass, piano, and drums. As a person who listens to everything, he loves to write about anything music related. He also enjoys expressing his views about life through his music.

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