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Evolve: Next Generation of Multiplayer Shooter

From Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead, comes Evolve, the next generation of multiplayer shooter where four hunters face off against a single, player-controlled monster in a 4v1 matches. Play as the monster to use a myriad of abilities and an animalistic sense to kill your enemies, or choose one of the four Hunter classes (Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support) and team up to take down the beast. The assault class is the front line fighter; this class is equipped with heavy artillery to deal with the beast head to head. Trappers set up traps for the beast so that the rest of hunters can take out the beast. Medics are equipped with snipers for long-range support and can revive dead teammates or continuously heal the team.

Supports can give back up to the rest of the hunters with sentry guns, a UAV to track the beast, and cloaking field to grant temporary invisibility to nearby hunters. So far Turtle Rock Studios have revealed two beasts that we can play a, Kraken and Goliath. As Kraken, players can utilize its ranged electric attacks to take down hunters. Its four abilities are lightning strike, banshee mines, aftershock, and vortex. Lightning strike is a devastating ranged blast that can do a huge chunk of damage. Banshee mines are charged orbs that can be attached to nearby foes for explosive damage.With aftershock, Kraken emits a burst of electricity that chain to nearby foes. And finally vortex is a moving wall that can be used to knock back enemies to create distance to recover and rethink ways to approach the hunters.

The other beast that you can control is the Goliath. This beast comes with its own slew of abilities that is completely different

from the Kraken’s. The four abilities that Goliath comes with are fire breath, leap smash, rock throw, and charge. Fire breath is self-explanatory, where Goliath spits a jet of liquid flame. With leap smash, Goliath jumps and deals splash damage when it lands. Rock throw is a ranged attack that Goliath has to take out enemies at a distance. Charge allows Goliath to rush forward at high speed causing knockback to create space and cause damage. With its unique approach to multiplayer gameplay, Turtle Rock Studios ensures that this game will be unique compared to other multiplayer games and that playing as both the hunter and the hunted will both experience pulse pounding situations.

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