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BMW Integrates GoPro Into Their Cars

P90150231_highRes Disclaimer: Kenny’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media.

The new feature BMW will introduce to their vehicles: GoPro. The Bavarian carmaker will integrate Go Pro camera controls into the infotainment systems of newer BMW and Mini models. This will allow owners of BMW and Mini cars to control their GoPros remotely using the infotainment control knob and start/stop recording through iDrive or Mini Connected. There will be six pre-set camera modes, which include Leisure Drive Facing Out, Night Driving, Sport Drive Facing Out, Drive Camera Facing In, Winding Road Time-Lapse and Straight Road Time-Lapse, to allow the driver to choose the best setting suited for recording. Sounds great? Well actually, not really. You will need a Wi-Fi enabled GoPro camera and an iPhone (which is terrible). I do not think anyone  is going to use this power for a just cause. In my opinion, its main use is going to be recording some daft idiot’s trip to the grocery store who will try to make it exciting and probably end up in a wreck. Moreover, I could just see dumb teenagers using this feature to record their exciting street races to prove their false masculinity. Never heard of a track day, guys? Seriously, this feature will just encourage more reckless driving.

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