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Apple Keynote (9/9/14): The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch. [Photo Courtesy of Apple, Inc.]

After months of waiting and intense speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its new wearable tech: The Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch comes in three collections: the Apple Watch (featuring stainless steel cases and a Sapphire crystal screen), the Apple Watch Sport (featuring anodized aluminum cases and strengthened ion-x glass), and the Apple Watch Edition (featuring 18-karat gold cases and a Sapphire crystal screen). The watch will come in one of two case sizes (38mm and 42mm in height).


The three collections of the Apple Watch. [Source:]

The three collections of the Apple Watch. [Source:]

Buyers will also have the choice of six custom alloys for the watch’s finish as well as six different bands.

The six custom alloys for the Apple Watch's finish. [Source:]

The six custom alloys for the Apple Watch’s finish. [Source:]

The watch face can also be customized on the watch itself. Apple’s website claims that there are over two million ways to customize the watch face.

The wearer will feel a tap on the wrist (thanks to the “Taptic Engine” which provides haptic feedback) when he/she has received a message. One can also check messages, make and receive phone calls, and check mail (among other things) using the watch face.

There are also different ways to communicate with other Apple Watch wearers. One could quickly sketch something on the screen and send the drawing to someone else. You can use it as a walkie-talkie. You can even indirectly tap another wearer’s wrist. That is, you select your friend and tap on the screen. Your friend will feel those same exact taps on their wrist. You can even send something as personal as your heartbeat (taken by the built-in heart rate sensor) to someone else.

The Activity App keeps track of your daily activity, showing you how many calories you have burned and how many minutes of exercise and standing you have done. The Workout App keeps stats about your workout.

You can also pay with your debit/credit card through Apple Watch by using Apple Pay.

Apple Watch also includes the concept of continuity that was introduced with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. For example, one can start a phone call on Watch and seamlessly continue it on iPhone.

The Digital Crown (the wheel on the side that is usually used to set time on analog watches) can enable the wearer to scroll through or zoom into something. Pressing it returns the user to the home screen.

Apple Watch also includes Siri for voice controls as well as many other pre-installed apps (including Maps, iTunes, and more). Apple has released a set of tools called WatchKit so developers can start making apps for the Watch.

However, the Apple Watch requires the use of an iPhone. It will be compatible with iPhone 5 and later.

The Apple Watch is expected to be released in early 2015 and will start at $349.

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