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What Makes Us Different?

There are many sites on the internet where you can view news, so what makes EB Media different? At EB Media we aim to keep the news pure and our opinions lively. In other words when we are reporting the news we stay strictly to the facts but when we are writing an opinion piece, we make sure our voice is heard.

In addition, EB Media is not only a news website but a soon to be media and entertainment hub. For the first time ever at EB Media, you are not only able to view your news, but watch shorts and clips. Soon to come is even more original content including podcasts and panel discussion. Now, you are even able to view beautiful slideshows from our photography correspondents documenting the best and even sometimes the worst of this world. All of this will be compiled under one domain:

There is no other site on the web (at least that I know of) that compiles all of this content under one roof. EB Media is a first, a pioneer, and we will not rest until we achieve our goal of being a complete news, media, and entertainment hub. A home with all of your favorite content under one roof.

At EB Media, we value what you have to say. Not only can you view all of this content but you can contribute to making the content you love. Anyone can submit an article and soon to come submit a video for review by our staff for a chance to have it featured on the site. Your content has the potential to reach millions of people through the interconnections of the internet.

At EB Media, all these things are possible. At EB Media we dream. We dream of one day making a difference in this world by consolidating many of the great services of the web under one roof. As the internet continues to grow and flourish we find ourselves again and again migrating to different domains looking for the content we please. Everything seems to be going up on the internet, making it easier then ever to access. We want to further this revolution and make the process even easier.

Here at EB Media, we are passionate about everything we do. We have great plans for this company and plan to do everything in our power to make this work. We hope you feel the same way about EB Media that we do. As always, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter and we always appreciate your support.

Yours Truly,

Eric Butkiewicz- Founder of EB Media


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