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Eric Butkiewicz – Founder and President

Eric is the founder of EB Media. He stays informed on the latest political, U.S., and world news as well as the latest scientific discoveries and technological advances. He finds a fascination in business and is passionate about government and politics.

Prahlad Roy – Editor-in-Chief and Supervising Director of Management

Prahlad is the Editor-In-Chief of EB Media. As editor, his job is to maintain and help publish all articles that EB Media covers. As an Executive, Prahlad works together with Founder, Eric Butkiewicz and Producer, Vishnu Nair to secure and promote the works of EB Media. He is intrigued by Biomedical Engineering and stays on top of the latest in Journalism, Health Sciences as well as World News. Along with the other Executives, Prahlad desires to continually further EB Media and make this site the best it can be.

Vishnu Nair – Executive Director of Affairs; Chairman of Science and Technology Department

Vishnu is a producer and the Chairman of the Science and Tech Department as well as an executive at EB Media. He stays on top of the latest scientific and technological advances. He makes it his business to tell the story like it is and present it from various viewpoints. However, he is also not afraid to state his opinions when it comes time to do so. He also has an interest in entertainment as well as video games.

Key People

Tim Leach – Chief Video Game Correspondent

Tim is an avid gamer with over 10 years of experience. His favorite genres include First Person Shooters, Third Person Action-Adventure, and RPG’s. He stays up-to-date on current gaming news. Tim owns a PlayStation 4 and his reviews solely reflect upon his PS4 experience. Tim is not afraid to express his opinions and will be sure to voice them here at EB Media.

GurdeepGurdeep Singh- Information Technology Assistance and Graphic Designer

Gurdeep is an avid devotee of technology development and graphic design. He strives to create the best in graphic arts and entertainment as well as promotes software development. A hidden side of Gurdeep reveals an inner-love for automobiles and technology in engine mechanics. He stays on top of the latest in graphic softwares and updates in the automotive world.


Aaron Perez- Host “Around the Diamond”

Aaron will be attending SUNY Maritime in fall 2014 academic semester. He is a huge sports fanatic who has played over ten years of baseball. Of this, he spent two years learning and training at the varsity level. Aaron enjoys staying on top of the latest in information and technology, video game technology and his favorite, sports news. He will be covering all aspects of each sport.

Kevin Mayorga- Chief Arts and Entertainment Correspondent and Host
“EB Minor”

Kevin Mayorga is a beginning musician for 4 years, capable of playing guitar, bass, piano, and drums. As a person who listens to everything, he loves to write about anything music related. He also enjoys expressing his views about life through his music. He is fascinated by video games, history, and the “secrets of the world”.

Dan Reisert- Sports, Video Games Correspondent

Dan will be attending St. Edward’s University  this upcoming fall in Austin, Texas. He is a big sports fanatic and has been involved in a variety of sports his whole life. He enthusiastically follows professional basketball and stays on top of the latest in the gaming industry.

Jangchup Rinchen- Video Games Correspondent

Jangchup is a very experienced gamer with 11 years of gaming under his belt. He is a very skilled with RPGs, JRPGs, puzzle platformers, and action-adventures being among his favorite. He owns a Nintendo 3DS and enjoys reporting upon his experiences with Nintendo products. Jangchup keeps up to date with various video game companies and is not afraid to voice his opinions about them.

Suchwinder Singh- U.S. and World Correspondent

Suchwinder’s aim at EB Media is to stay on top of world news and provide facts about current events in the U.S. He is also interested in many other categories such as gaming and the medical field.

 Michael Maldonado – Business Correspondent

Michael Maldonado is a business writer here at EB Media. He first got a taste of business in middle school. Throughout middle school, he was heavily involved in buying and trading collectible cards. In high school, he worked in a start-up wholesale business. Here, he further gained insight into the market of supply and demand through real profits and losses. In addition, to being a wholesaler, he was an avid blue chip and penny stock trader. In the fall of 2014, he will be a freshman at New York University Stern School of Business majoring in Finance and minoring in Computer Science. To stay up to date with the markets, he is an avid reader of BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, and Reddit. In his downtime, he is an avid PC gamer, handball, basketball, and tennis player.

Kenny Cheema- World and Auto Correspondent

One of our best, Kenny has a wide focus from breaking news across the world to even the latest in automobiles. From flooring a ZL1 Camaro down Old Bankhead Highway in Texas to exploring the urban landscape of Dubai, Kenny’s experiences allow him to express unprecedented viewpoints on the topics that he covers. Kenny will never turn down a good automotive debate. As an avid fan Top Gear (U.K.) and a true petrol head, Kenny represents a rare theology regarding vehicles, and is a true to  his reports of worldwide events and occurrences.

Jonathan LaCovara – Photography Division

Jonathan is currently studying Information Technology. He has years of experience with photography as well as editing publications. Jonathan has held roles in the past such as Editor-in-Chief and head photographer. Aside from photography, he is an amateur bowler soon to become pro.

 Kurt Dee – Photography Division

Kurt is one of our main photographers here at EB Media. He currently studies at St. Francis College and has great interests in photography, film and the arts. He has more than 5 years of photography under his belt and never fails to take breathtaking shots.

Joe Mifsud – Soccer Correspondent

Joe is a Maltese American whose true love is the beautiful game of Soccer. You can ask him anything about the sport and he will already be informed on the matter. As an avid soccer supporter he knows that his opinions will not always appeal to all but as a writer he will make it his mission to present from an unbiased viewpoint. That being said, Joe is not afraid to give you the facts. Joe believes that the only people who should be allowed to write about a sport are the ones who have actually experienced its high and lows first hand. 


Mike Sparacino- Sports

Kelli Thompson- Arts and Entertainment

A special thanks to all those who have contributed through our Your Voice program.