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3DS Gamecube Controller Mod

The 3DS Gamecube Controller Mod, created by loopy.

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It’s a good thing that Nintendo has offered an official assessory that allows GameCube controllers—the preferred choice of many Smash Bros. players—to be used with the Wii U. Leaving 3DS owners looking forward to the new Smash Bros. with fewer controls, as the only to play the 3DS version is with its built in controls. However, if you’re a modder, this is not a problem. As documented on the 3DS Capture forums, a modder by the name of “loopy” devised a way to connect a standard GameCube controller to the handheld. “[It’s] what I do to amuse myself,” loopy says of the project. “I repurposed an old capture board. Along with the standard buttons, the GameCube analog stick is also mapped to the 3DS d-pad. C-stick also goes to Y/X/B/A.”

Even with the issues of the ugly-looking back and the 3DS’s screen being so small that you couldn’t sit far away, Smash Bros. players will be interested in trying this for themselves. Unfortunately, loopy doesn’t plan on selling the mod to the public stating that installing it isn’t simple and that he doesn’t want to deal with all the botched installs. I hope that Nintendo sees this and makes an official GameCube controller that is compatible with the 3DS.

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