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2015 NBA Playoffs Predictions

Disclaimer: Dan’s views are not necessarily those of EB Media’s.

The NBA Playoffs are upon us and there are many teams that have the potential to win it all this year. These are a few of my predictions and my own personal take on this year’s playoff and each team’s role in the NBA.

In the Western Conference, it’s a tough decision on which team  will come out first. Golden State is obviously the favorite, but teams like the Rockets, Clippers, Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, and Spurs are all tough and strong teams. The Mavericks and Pelicans are the seventh and eighth seed in the conference who are great teams, but stand virtually no chance in their series as the Pelicans face the Warriors and as the Mavericks face the Rockets. Personally, I do not think there will be too many upsets in the end, because no team will defeat the Warriors. In saying so, my prediction is for the Rockets and Warriors to reach the Western Conference Finals with the Warriors winning seven games.

However, in the Eastern Conference, there are only a couple of teams that I would say have potential, because the conference has become weaker than the Western Conference. I do not think any team will beat the Hawks as they definitely have something to prove with all the experts calling them a “one and done team.” They have been bounced out of the playoffs in their first series several times in the past couple for years. My prediction is for the Cavaliers and Hawks to reach the Eastern Conference Finals, with the Hawks beating them in six games. There are many other good teams in the conference like the Bulls, Wizards, and Raptors but I do not think they are nearly as good as either the Hawks or Cavaliers. I think for these teams to compete with either the Hawks or the Cavs. These teams would have to play their best with little to no mistakes if they would play the Hawks or the Cavs in the future series.

All in all, this year’s playoffs should be exciting. I believe the lower seed games will be more enjoyable than the higher seed ones since the higher seeds are so much better than the lower seeds this season.

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Dan will be attending St. Edward’s University this upcoming fall in Austin, Texas. He is a big sports fanatic and has been involved in a variety of sports his whole life. He enthusiastically follows professional basketball and stays on top of the latest in the gaming industry.

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